Soul Adventures, Ibiza.

I came on this journey with fear, apprehension, anxiety and a feeling of loss if identity, anguish, dread, confusion and a huge sense of loneliness. I have spent the last year trying to reconnect, but also trying to claw my old life back, lost between 2 worlds, not really feeling like I belonged entirely to either. On this retreat I felt my spirits lift immediately – I felt a familiarity of something I once felt before, a sense of knowing, of acceptance, and of belonging,  I was worried about doing the strong kriyas because of the energy in my spine, but I also knew that I had to trust the process, which I now know has led to an extraordinary release, incredible bliss and euphoria BUT without the crippling anxiety that it often subsided into last year. I am absolutely determined to keep vibrating at my highest frequency,  I know the kundalini experience will continue to test me, but I feel much better equipped to deal with it now, and am determined to get my sleeping back on track.

I feel able now to embrace the experience, accept the challenges ahead and move forward effortlessly and with NO FEAR.

I AM really looking forward to a bright future, and having all these amazing new friends in my life.  Thanks you for this most incredible experience.

Soul Adventures, Ibiza.

I see now that the thing I’ve been doing these past few years of my life is to follow my souls calling to my truth. All the darkness, confusion, pain and suffering has been so worth it! To be here now! To have listened to my hearts longing for what is pure and good and kind and light. To have arrived in this place with you and these beautiful souls at this time, to peel back more layers and explore even more light. And after so much clenching, pushing, and contraction, to walk away with absolute clarity and calm for this moment and the future is the greatest GIFT i’ve ever been given

I receive it with a full heart.

Thank your for your generosity in the gifting.

Soul Adventures, Goa.

Sometimes the universe guides you to exactly what you need. Soul Adventures, Goa was exactly this. A much needed re-charge and rejuvenation of the mind, body, spirit and soul. Trish used her gentle wonder and incredible channel for kundalini practice to take an intimate group of willing like minded students on a journey unlike any other.

Seven days, seven chakras. Busting through the lingering city ego and resistance that can hold one back towards a sense of deep connection and well-being. A process of aligning oneself to a clearer sense of self. All with the backdrop of lush tropical garden, white sandy beach, the chorus of wildlife merging with the gong, the sound of the sea harmonising with the meditative practices.

Complimenting the daily classes and workshop, a wonderful offering of alternative healing treatments, relaxing massages and delicious vegan cuisine.

Bliss seems an inadequate description but this is what springs to mind. The longtime sun shining upon us in a blissful magnificence.

I will hold the magic inside forever.

Soul Adventures, Goa.

If you can imagine a beautiful gold shiny gong bathed in sunslight then you can start to get a hint of this kundalini retreat experience. Goa style!

Sometimes in life it feels like there is a bit missing – As soon as you open up to your first class – yoga – sunset – garlands – gongs – chants – heartbeats … something stirs within.

So simply it just all makes sense!

Every sense, taste, feel, sight, sound, touch especially becomes bombarded with bliss, complimented by Shaman ceremonies, Crystal Geezers, healing and massage. Heaven on earth! And amazing food to boot!

Sunrise to sunset it feels like your soul is taken care of – thoughts disappear to breath and surrender and shine.

As the last day approaches I just know I will take this experience everywhere and when it ends there I will start.”

Soul Adventures, Goa.

”What a beautiful invitation this has turned out to be!

It has gone way beyond any expectations I had. I have never experienced anything like this, yet it has been the most natural thing. I feel cushioned from the outside world and have been given the space to explore who I AM.

This is something everyone should experience in my eyes. Learning about myself has been invaluable, I have gone through pain threshold and released pain in a way I didn’t know was possible!

The food by Aline worked so well with each daily chakra. Sitting together to listen to each others experiences. I loved the food and the company.

The treatments were perfectly in line with what I was feeling. Wonderful!

Fabulous surroundings, the colours, the crystals, the beach.

I cant finish this without saying Miss Trish – you know you are amazing and so thanks for making me amazing too!!

Your energy, smile, determination, music and wonder spirit and THE GONG …

I would never have done this without you.”

Soul Adventures, Ibiza.

I wanted to let you know that this has been the most wonderful experience. Ive spend such a long time hiding the real me because the real me loves flowers, butterflies, clouds, angels and things that sparkle and well....that’s just not very cool is it. I feel today clear, focused, fearless and self accepting. The other people on this retreat have inspired me greatly and given me faith in people when I felt a lack of hope.